Hospital Tour

The history of Dominion Animal Hospital clinic began in November of 1967 when it was opened by Dr. Kermit O. Cockrell.

Dr. Cockrell grew up in the Northern Neck of Virginia. He attended veterinary school at Virginia State, in Petersburg where he received his BS degree. From there he attended Tuskegee University, where he received his Veterinary degree. He was the kind of man/doctor that would do all he could for his clients and patients even if it meant him staying up late talking to colleges or researching about treatment plans for a difficult case, instead of going home to watch his favorite T.V shows. He would oftentimes stay overnight at the clinic to watch a patient he was worried about. Even after he was far past retirement with failing health, he still came limping into the hospital with his cane to see his patients and clients that he loved. His kind nature and gentle laugh will forever remain in our hearts. His love for animals and the veterinary profession continues through him to our doctors working today. Every day our doors are open is a day to honor Dr. Cockrell and make him proud. He is truly missed. His vision for a veterinary hospital to provide high-quality medical care for pets. He provided an opportunity for a team of experienced, dedicated, and caring professionals to continue promoting the vision of Dr. Cockrell.

Today, a team of three well-qualified Doctors of Veterinary Medicine are on staff. Dominion Animal Hospital, offers the most progressive and up-to-date treatment for animals. In addition, the doctors maintain a professional and close relationship with numerous medical specialists in the area for consultation and referrals.

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