A Second Chance Pet Fund

One of the toughest situations we experience in veterinarian medicine is when a pet comes into our clinic in need of emergency care, but the pet's owner does not have the funds to pay for tests to diagnose the issue or the lifesaving procedure that may be required to save the pet.

On many occasions, the end result is euthanasia, which is absolutely devastating. In light of this situation, Dominion Animal Hospital has created "A Second Chance Pet Fund".

Our "A Second Chance Pet Fund" allows generous pet lovers to contribute to the fund with donations through our Photo Calendar Contest, local fundraising activities, and donations made via our website. The money that is raised through "A Second Chance Pet Fund" will be used in our hospital for pets in emergency situations where the owners are dealing with financial hardships.

Reasons to donate to "A Second Chance Pet Fund":

  • You are a Pet lover that would like to "pay it forward" by helping a pet in need.
  • You have recently lost a pet and would like to donate in honor of your beloved pet.
  • You see the need for this fund and have a strong understanding that financial hardships are one of the leading reasons why pets don't get the care they deserve.
  • You would like to help Dominion Animal Hospital, with their strong desire to help with the funding for these animals in need.

Want to Donate?

Contact us now and let us know how much you'd like to give to A Second Chance Pet Fund.